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Your choice for Okotoks leadership that puts your Needs and Interests first! 




Hello, my name is Naydene Lewis and I would like to represent YOU as the next Mayor of Okotoks. 

Leadership has nothing to do with titles. Leadership is the ability to efficiently lead a small but powerful team to translate great ideas and outstanding vision into a fresh new reality that will inspire and invigorate a whole community. 

I have valuable experience serving on Okotoks Council. Since my term (2007-2010), I have remained active, engaged and energetic as an advocate and representative for our community. I have been President and Vice President of the Okotoks Ratepayers Association effecting lasting change in Okotoks. Over many years I have held varying positions on school councils and their fundraising societies, been a pro-resident voice on local social media and I have lobbied for change at Okotoks Council meetings offering solutions and insight.  I have proudly and consistently supported our community through volunteer work and engagement. This has always been a part of who I am.

As Mayor, I will focus on Okotoks first ALWAYS.


I will support and facilitate the decision-making process alongside six other team members of Council. Together, we will translate a strong Okotokians' vision into a town and community that will respond to and reflect our collective need for evolution, balance and community wide prosperity. 

With my experience in municipal affairs, I am thoroughly prepared for the tough decisions that will inevitably come our way.  I am focused and truly motivated to stand up for all Okotoks' residents, businesses and our municipal team.  Now AND in the future.


I will encourage Council to help find the balance of fairness and equality for all of our businesses, to support local, encourage business attraction and retention.


I will work hard, be present and ask tough questions. I will be your advocate for an inclusive, affordable, exciting community that makes you proud to be an Okotokian.

My goal is to facilitate and lead your Town Council team with individual and collective original thinking, community engagement and Town Staff contribution to strive collaboratively and in good faith.  This will result in an effective execution of local policy and response to regional policy for the benefit of Okotoks residents, businesses and our nonprofit community.  We need a voice that speaks up loud and clear for the short and long term needs of Okotokians-a voice that will empower us as local taxpayers and in the wider realm, as Albertans.

Okotoks is in my heart and my finger has long been on the pulse of this beautiful town.

I will encourage and support Council to help find balance, fairness, equity and equity of opportunity for all of our businesses to support locally grown enterprise, encourage business investment and retention and to seed & cultivate the future of entrepreneurship in our town.

Bringing ideas and suggestions to Council should be welcomed and encouraged! I will respect all presenters along with their ideas, giving each submission to the council table the thoughtful consideration it deserves and finally, treat each presenter, community member, and concerned citizen with compassion and consideration. Your Council team is YOUR representative first and always. Somehow, somewhere, some Elected Officials have forgotten this important aspect of public service.  We are here to serve you!

We need to rebuild Trust between Council, Town Staff, Businesses and Residents. Your need for relevant information matters to me.  Let's rebuild trust in local government together.

We live in times where there is no margin for error. As your Mayor, I will focus on Okotoks' needs foremost and always.

I am one voice at the table but together with your elected Council, we will create a future designed by and for, those living within it. 


This is a significant election for the Town of Okotoks with many compelling topics that will affect YOU and the future of your family.

More than ever, the leadership team in Okotoks needs to work with and for the residents and businesses and work together!


The first step in ensuring we choose a direction that works for all Okotokians is to listen to our community's needs to enable support for their recovery, prosperity and lasting stability.


Community is at the forefront of our growth. Advocating for and responding to the needs of our community and neighbours in our region, is a top priority.

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In Alberta, water is a valuable commodity and precious natural resource. Outdated legislation and licensing distribution is a key touch point issue for the people of Okotoks.

It is a critical challenge that needs our full attention in order to meet the needs of an evolving urban and commercial landscape.


Okotokians want water supply for growth, economic benefit and wellness. We must work with our own regional neighbours for success, water security and future prosperity.

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Calgary Metropolitan Region Board

The Calgary Metropolitan Region Board (CMRB) is committed to supporting the long-term social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Calgary...


But what will this mean for Okotokians?  Read More


Inclusivity is not a word to be used out of convenience. This is a social policy goal that will shape the future of Okotoks and allow all of our residents to be active participants and contribute to the growth of our community while providing wellness and benefit for all.

Business + Downtown 

Every successful small town has a thriving downtown sector. Supporting all of our businesses regardless of type & location, will help in recovery and continue to create a place for tourism, commerce and community connection.


Downtown will not be our only priority for businesses. We will work to ensure equal & fair treatment of our entire business community.

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This is a topic that often makes taxpayers cringe! None of us like paying taxes but we dislike paying taxes when we are not fully informed where the money is spent and the true value for the ratepayer funds used.

I strongly believe in a fully transparent government.  Nowhere do we need full transparency more than in our government spending & accounting.

Making Okotoks affordable also includes making it affordable through creating a more favourable tax base.

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Learn more about why these topics matter to you:

While these are only a few topics on the table that affect many of our residents, I would like to share my thoughts and welcome your ideas and suggestions. 


Focused on the
right solutions for 




First and foremost, I am a Mom who has raised four wonderful children and was a Kinship (Foster care) Mom for 2 babes.


Currently retired, I am able to focus all of my time on serving the citizens of Okotoks in my role as Mayor. 


Some of my experience includes

  • Entrepreneur in product marketing & sales

  • several years with the Federal Government, 

  • Served as an Okotoks Town Councillor. 


  • Renewable Energy and Conservation,

  • Business Administration,

  • Adult Facilitation,

  • Stewardship,

  • Human Rights,

  • Paralegal studies and

  • Elected Officials Training


I believe in life long learning.  


Through active volunteer and community service, I have been able to remain connected to evolving needs and concerns of Okotokians. I have helped to provide working solutions to the problems we have faced together.  

Community adhesion and cooperation is the bedrock of a thriving society.  Focused political will is key to a robust and resilient Okotoks population. My desire to serve our community and help our community meet the needs of all has been engrained in me since I was a child.


Prior to moving to Okotoks in 2003, I volunteered my time assisting non-custodial parents with Court documents, Encouraging, Listening and catering to the unique needs for those who struggled with Child custody matters.


After moving to Okotoks in 2003, my volunteer roles provided me a connection and broader understanding of the diverse needs of our community.

My Volunteer experience includes:


  • Neighbourhood volunteer assisting seniors 

  • Chaired School Council,

  • Volunteer for the Okotoks Arts Council

  • Chaired school fundraising societies

  • Volunteer at Missions Thrift Store

  • Various roles at the Foothills Salvage & Recycling Centre including Board member 

  • Volunteer driver,

  • Volunteer at Pound Rescue

  • Special Events volunteer at Foothills Country Hospice

  • President & Vice President of the Okotoks Ratepayers Association

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Okotoks Election 2021

In it to Win it - Car Rally

September 25, 2021 1-4 pm

Learn about your local candidates and businesses who are participating, complete tasks and win some prizes.

Early Registration until Sept 22th @ noon:

$15 person

$25 couple

$60 family

Register at:

Grand Prize

is 10% of the funds raised*

Prizes for Best decorated vehicle, most participants in-vehicle, best costume and more.